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Since its inception in 2004, The B.O.S.S. Group believes that big ideas drive change. This requires an organizational commitment to succeed through relentless attention by all stakeholders. We love working with clients who hold the same belief – that meaningful customer engagements lead to an increase in sales and revenue. We help our clients leverage their brand strengths using a blend of our expertise capabilities. This includes web and mobile based social media, user analytics, impactful web design, and unique technology solutions. We focus on the meeting point of user needs, business/marketing objectives and technology.

Our clients choose The B.O.S.S. Group because they want to work with a tightly-knit team committed to success. They require unique marketing, positioning and delivery strategies, all of which, we deliver. Our core competencies include all corners of the social media world, functioning as a creative content agency, full-service digital media marketing firm and product launch consultancy.

Larry Klopot
Larry KlopotFounder
Larry Klopot is co-founder of The B.O.S.S. Group and works with clients from a wide range of industries; including those within the travel and tourism sectors. He has deep experience in two of the business world’s most dynamic issues: how to effectively market products, and how to refine your products and services to maximize impact and relevance to customers. Larry has advised many leading companies both in Canada and abroad and has managed several businesses throughout his career. He’s also contributed to various media sources including trade publications, radio, and consumer press.
Amrit Bains
Amrit BainsChief Technology Officer
Amrit brings over fifteen years of experience in providing strategic business solutions & technology consultancy. He has lead offshore and onshore teams in developing, designing and growing technology companies in sectors including healthcare, media & entertainment, logistics and supply chain, education and finance. Amrit graduated as an electronics and telecommunication engineer before moving to computers and has always been a first adopter of the latest technologies, also assisting in their implementation. Over the last several years he has worked with both start-ups and fortune 100 companies in the USA, Canada and Europe.
Julia Khorramchahi
Julia KhorramchahiDirector of Digital Strategy
Julia loves bringing life to brands. She’s a creative strategist with over seven years of experience in digital marketing. A devout follower of all web-based trends, she brings her enthusiasm for creating successful user-focused campaigns to every client engagement.

Having started in fashion marketing and PR in Brazil and Montreal, Julia now specializes in everything from user experience to concept development, content strategy, web design and research. She has worked with brands such as the European Travel Commission, The House of Marley and several tourism boards; including Texas, Kenya, Panama, Vegas & Massachusetts.

Doug Sutherland
Doug SutherlandTechnology Advisor
Doug is a solutions-driven innovator and advisor — His experience with the technology delivery of our solutions including online portals, interactive games and contests, surveys and email marketing solutions is extensive. His input will be invaluable for our clients. . Doug has deep experience as both a technologist and an online business enabler who began his career in the early days of the commercial Internet.